Chloe Lovely
Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all.
— Helen Keller

Welcome stranger,

Life’s a race - or so they say. For me, however, life’s a buffet: if we got our fill after our first plate, we’d miss out on all the decadence that surrounds us.

When was the last time you made some time for yourself and another to just indulge in the pleasure of letting go? I want to explore the depths of your sensations, fulfill your deepest fantasies, guide you to the edge and then beyond.

But who am I?

A self-described decadent delinquent, I revel in new experiences. From fetish parties in Berlin to an ambrosial brunch at Per Se, my hedonistic thirst for novelty has brought me all over the world. In fact, I would joyously leap at the chance to visit you in some exotic locale or show you around the cities I love.

Don’t let the tattoos and technicolor hair give you the impression I’m one dimensional. A self-described sapiophile with a masters degree in fine art, I’m your smart date to a museum or gallery, flirting & sneaking kisses in the quiet corners of the botanical gardens. Rather prefer the feeling of a racing heart? I’m active both artistically and physically. Whether training in circus, painting or performing on stage, you’ll find my interests are vast and ever-changing.

I’m your dream girl, your bad girl, your break from the ordinary.

Until we meet,