Chloe Lovely



Choose your own adventure

I, dear lover, am an artist of the senses. A purveyor of the perverted. I want you to fearlessly follow your heart, drinking in our every moment together. Savor the many flavors of amour with me.


Shall we share a brief tryst in my sunny apartment or a night on the town, teasing and flirting across the table in a candle-lit speakeasy? Or perhaps a weekend away, sunning ourselves, sipping rum cocktails together on a white sand beach?

Lets set sail together, explore the depths of our senses, rediscover what it means to fall into one another's soul and to truly let go.

Fetish & Kinky

Fulfill your darkest desires, explore new kinks you didn’t know you had.

Naturally dominant by nature, I’ve acquired a taste for the sadistic. Not a masochist? Don’t fret, my interests vary widely.

Whether you prefer a sensual Dominatrix or a strict disciplinarian, you’ll find me a patient and open-minded mistress.

Join me in the electrifying adventure of awakening ALL your senses.


As we try to navigate a world with seemingly endless choices, real intimate connections, even touch, are often neglected. Sensual touch is an art of the senses. Join me in slowing down, letting go of your daily troubles and indulge. Adept in the healing modalities, I want to share my knowledge of conscious intimacy through Nuru-style sensual massage, tie & tease, sensory play, and blissful tantric release.

Together, through my touch we can discover your sensual being.


Seeking a unicorn?! You’ve found her. I love indulging with other couples & creating unforgettable encounters.

To ensure everyone leaves happy, my minimum date for couples is 90 minutes.

Kindly add $200 to my 90min rate.


I play well with others. I have many friends who’d love to join us for a somatic adventure.

Ask me about my playful partners in NYC, New Orleans and San Francisco.

Non-Discrimination Policy

I do not discriminate based on race, religion, gender, sexuality, ability, body-type or age (18+).

It is of paramount importance to me to create a safe space for us to explore together.


Kinks & Fetishes

A few of my favorite things:

  • Chastity & key holding

  • Orgasm control & denial

  • D/s protocol

  • Ongoing training &  behavior modification

  • Financial Domination

  • Foot & shoe worship

  • Nipple torture

  • Medical play

  • Gender play & cross-dressing

  • Sploshing & food play

  • Prostate play

  • Ruined orgasm

  • Cock and ball torture, ball busting, trampling (a special favorite)

  • Ruby & roman showers

  • Sensual domination

  • Corporal punishment

  • Wrestling

  • Cuckolding

  • Face-sitting & smothering

  • OTK spankings

  • Sensory play & deprivation

  • Bondassage/ tie & tease

Because aftercare is important to me, extra time is allotted for more intense play dates. My preferred minimum is 90 minutes to allow proper build-up & recuperation.

Hard limits:

  • Full toilet training/ scat play

  • Humiliation or degradation in the context of race, gender, sexuality, ability etc.

  • Blood play

  • Asphyxiation

  • Anything resulting in significant or permanent bodily harm

Deposits of $50 are required for all kink/ fetish dates



Touch underlies many rules; depending on the culture, a slap on the back can be interpreted as encouraging or an affront. A kiss on the cheek could be a greeting or solicitation. In our culture, especially for men, touch is often relegated to the sports field or banned to bedroom, only to be exclusively tied to sexuality.

Just as our visual and auditory “muscles” can be sharpened and focused, our tactile senses are equally as critical to our experience of the world. By pinging the release of cortisol or oxytocin, the way we’re touched directs the melody of our bodies sensory symphony. Thus, the act of touching is as much an art as it is revolutionary. It can reveal new ways of enjoying our corporeal selves and reignite our passion for living.

To neglect the magical benefits of oxytocin through the art of touch would be like refusing to see the miraculous colors of the daylight because of a fear of getting burnt.

Have you ever fantasied about truly relinquishing yourself to another’s touch? Have you been thirsting for a muse, a goddess?

Well you’ve found her.

An empath by nature, I have a strong background in the healing modalities. This, I argue, is crucial to my kinky side, but also critical to cultivating sensual experiences through tantric companionship. My interests include Nuru-style body-to-body rubs, blissful edging, and Bondassage & Tie & Tease-style massage.

Relax. Join me for a technicolor tryst. You’re in good hands